Kindred Spirits



 BBC Article --Need proof that you can feel better in your garden?  Here you go... 

Center for Humans and Nature--a deeply creative resource for those who are curious 

about re-imagining our future as healthy and integrated with the natural world

The Tenth Acre Farm--a super informative website for exploring home Permaculture 

Local Shops

The Scarlet Sage--a fabulous San Francisco herb shop 

Flora Grubb--the SF garden center for everything gorgeous.  Great for firing up your imagination 

Flowercraft--I think this may be SF's oldest down home garden center.   

Affordable, friendly, and well-stocked 

The Urban Farmer Store--do your own damn irrigation.  

DIY friendly and they have everything, including amazing gardening books and tools 

Herb Schools

Blue Otter School of Herbal Medicine 

Ancestral Apothecary 

The Ohlone Herbal Center 

Thank you!

Elena Graham Photography 

Iris Charabi-Berggren, Executive Coaching

Vincent Rechsteiner, for your endless patience

Anne and John Delwiche, for nurturing me all these years, and

 for teaching me perseverance and the value of hours spent in the garden

Nicholas Norris, ("Offspring!"), for letting me grow with you