We Belong

My mission is simple.  I want your garden to be beautiful.  

And on a deeper level, I want to foster connection--to help city people remember that we are an integral part of the natural world.  My hope is that you feel an increased sense of harmony and wholeness when you step out into your landscape. Luckily, I have so much help---from the plants, the fog, the wind, the sunshine. And from you.  


Meet our Crew


Both sides of my family have farming in our blood. We've been land tenders for decades, and nurturing plants is something I learned from my mother and grandfather. That being said, it wasn't always clear that I should be working with plants. I've had a meandering career path, with degrees and work experience in Psychology, Social Work, and the visual arts.  I grew up in Wisconsin, but consider California my spiritual home and love San Francisco fiercely, despite its changes and challenges. City gardening is always exciting, and learning about the natural world never gets old and.  Marilyn Craig was my primary gardening teacher, with some lovely opportunities provided by the Landscape Architect Jay Thayer.  San Francisco City college's comprehensive horticulture department filled in the gaps. When Marilyn Craig suddenly feel ill and passed away, I founded Life in Earth Gardening Services in 2003.  A few years into gardening I started to get curious about how people have been using herbs for centuries as tools and medicine.  It turns out that quite a few still do, and that traditional medicinal techniques and knowledge are alive and well in many corners of California, and of course well beyond. And so began another passion and lifetime pursuit--plants can be beautiful and useful!  My herbal influences and teachers include the Ohlone Herbal Center (Pam Fisher), Kami McBride, and both Karyn Sanders and Sarah Holmes of the Blue Otter School. I am so grateful for all the teachings these women have offered me along my way.  A small herbal business, Wiseleaf, was the result of these herbal studies, and now I am proud to integrate both passions into one business, Cloud and Crow Garden and Apothecary as of 2019. If I can say anything about gardening, plants will keep you humble.  There are just too many to possibly know, but every day is a good day to wake up and try to learn more and share knowledge. I'm honored to work with you.


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Fine garden maintenance and design with care, kindness, and attention to detail.  We love tending gardens, and can't wait to help you feel more inspired to be in your outdoor space.