Let's create something beautiful together.

When you look out into your garden, what do you feel? 

We can help you care for your garden and feel connected to the natural world. Welcome harmony. Welcome home.


Our Vision


Beauty is for everyone

  • Let us help you cultivate a relationship with your garden  
  • Together we can create a beautiful, holistic space for you and your community 
  • We offer fine garden care and small scale design in the San Francisco Bay Area
  • We specialize in drought tolerant, native and medicinal plants
  • We love to create unique planters for your home or business 


You can feel connected to the natural world

  • We work to protect the environment through the use of organic methods 
  • We work to reestablish and build soil health, the foundation of garden life 
  • We recognize that a relationship with nature and plants is powerful and can help you experience yourself more fully


Get your hands dirty

  • We understand that healing begins in your own back yard, or perhaps on your urban windowsill  
  • We offer herbal teas, workshops, and plant products to compliment our gardening services and greater vision
  • Come have a shared experience and rediscover the natural world



Katie has been our San Francisco gardener for several years.  Her gentle approach to our 25 by 40 foot garden in the Marina District has made this small outdoor space a calming patch of peace and beauty. Katie always has time to discuss what is best, never hurries, through her time here and makes us feel like she cares about our garden.  She is a treasure! 

-Joan, The Marina, SF

Katie is an extraordinary gardener and provides outstanding gardening services.  We have worked together for many years maintaining my charming space in the Marina. Katie is reliable, hard working, and is committed to making sure the garden is a reflection of the owner's vision coupled with plant selection and appropriate maintenance that ensures a beautiful, healthy outdoor environment.

-Ellen, The Marina, SF

I'm so lucky to have a  backyard in the city and to have Katie caring for it.  She is a total professional and an absolute gem.  My taste veers toward an English country garden aesthetic and Katie does such an artistic job of letting the garden be lush and a bit overgrown, but making sure the space is accessible at the same time.  Year round there is always something in bloom, yet the drip system that she maintains keeps my water usage at a reasonable level.  As much as I love my garden, I really don't like gardening.  Over the many years I've been happily dependent on Katie to create a nurture this green oasis for me.  I'm so grateful for her services.

-Wendy, The Inner Sunset, SF

My family and I have used Katie's services with great satisfaction for quite a long time.  Her skills as an herbalist and knowledge and experience as a gardener are unparalleled.  We've given her tea blends as gifts to many appreciative friends as well as consumed them with delight ourselves, and also had her formulate a variety of healthy natural tinctures.  She is all around solid and we rely on being able to count on her good judgment.  Katie has been working on our gardens for many years and is consistently speedy, efficient, and thoughtful and unobtrusive.  It's particularly great that she digs right in and we don't have to spend time and energy going over routine maintenance--even with special projects little to no supervision is required.  She's reliable, flexible, good with pets, and pleasant to deal with and have around in our space.  We trust Katie to to take care of our needs, even when we are not here ourselves.

-Alan, Berkeley 

We've lived in San Francisco for over 40 years, working with several gardeners.  Katie is the best.  She brings her eye for surroundings, love of living things, and professional standards to the gardening experience.  We gave a "redo" as a gift for my son's new home.  It's gorgeous too.  

-Lucy, The Haight, SF

Katie has been my gardener for at least 15 years.  During that time my garden has been on numerous garden tours including two national tours.  She is a skilled professional but also is very attuned with nature and has a kind and gentle soul.  I used to enjoy working in the garden with her.  But as I've aged, I've been leaving the majority of the work to her.  I know that I can trust her to do what is best for me and my garden.

-Mary, Glen Park SF

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